About Us


The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.

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49 million Americans have online dated.

Half lie on their profile.

A third never meet anyone in person.

Research suggests that you would prefer to meet your signifiant other in real-life, doing what you love to do while stepping out of your comfort zone and learning about love. 

So we’ve evolved Underground Unattached from a curated dating experience to DEEPEN, a series of live events facilitated by educators, entertainers and accredited guides. You meet interesting people, doing interesting things.

Imagine creating connections at a group meditation, storytelling dinner party, or a transformational workshop about saying YES, AND to life.  

Wouldn’t that be better than swiping on a phone?!

More than a thousand thought-leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs have joined thus far in Los Angeles and New York City, all asking the same question:

Where did you find all these amazing people?

The answer is, our founder, Christina Weber, keeps good company, and word spread that people were having fun, making friends, finding love - even getting married!

Guides create experiences that uniquely connect you to good-hearted, interesting beings. We bring joy to the dating process.

... and experiences are designed for couples too!