Bone Healing + Narrative Medicine

Bone Healing + Narrative Medicine


Guided by Ssanyu Birigwa, Bone Healer, M.S. in Narrative Medicine, Reiki Shamanism Master/Teacher. 

Wednesday, July 11th
7:00 - 9:00pm
Private Home on Driftwood St.
Marina Del Rey
Exact address messaged with registration.

Pause, listen, let go and restore connection to self and others.

When we share our stories, we leverage them to facilitate release in mind, body and spirit.

These stories and embodied feelings that have developed over time not only live in our hearts and minds but also in our bodies.

Narrative Medicine will act as a tool to facilitate pause. By radically listening to ourselves and others, we'll harness powers within to restore and manifest our desires.

Through the combination of mindset practices, breathe work and energy healing, we'll slow down and relax, mobilizing the energies that live within our narratives and in reflection of art and culture.

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Connect with Your Guide, Ssanyu Birigwa, through Instagram @ssanyu_letgoandletlove prior to July 11th ❤