Connexus: Love-Sex-Tribe

Connexus: Love-Sex-Tribe


New Date + Location Coming Soon!

Sooooo. If you haven't noticed, relationships are in upheaval. You feel it, right? Old paradigms are crumbling, for better or worse. It’s confusing, disheartening -and- harder to make real, nourishing connections.

But in the rubble, WE see an opportunity to create a new culture of connection, based on authenticity, deep love, and erotic intelligence.

Plus - everybody is howling about how to meet people - for love, sex, friendship, ANYTHING other than a swipe. Because when it comes to dating, the online app thing is just...ack.

Well, stop howling and come to CONNEXUS, an interactive experience created by Clinical Sexologist, Eva Clay.

IF you’re single and open to romance, GREAT, we’ll make it easy for you to find other singles and link up.

IF you just want to be with tribe and learn some sexy stuff, GREAT, we’ll build in boundaries so you feel safe.

Join with a friend, a partner, or solo. Our culture is inclusive and heavy on the <consensual> hugs.

Expect: Progressive sex-education, exciting ideas, and 50-100 high-vibe people.


  • Late Arrivals - Doors lock at 8:15p

  • Perfume / Cologne

  • Drugs or Alcohol

  • Shoes

  • Phones - Once you enter, this is a "no phone zone".


  • Cushy, fuzzy, sensual things to sit on and share. You'll be on the floor, tribal style. (Chairs are available if you prefer).

  • A water bottle

  • Your open heart and mind

$40 tickets in advance. $45 at door.

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