Dance Alive: Ride the Wave

Dance Alive: Ride the Wave

16.00 20.00

Every Wednesday from 7:00-9:15pm
Dance Alive Center: 1629 18th Street # 7
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Come alive through your entire body!

With the skillful guidance of a master guide Mariane Karou, you are led to awaken the life force that is within you and let energy flow through you! Ride the wave of motion that brings you into your heart, your wisdom and your vitality!

Say Yes to Moving, Yes to Feeling, Yes to Breathing, Yes to Life!

Dance Alive Weekly Classes are an adventure into exploring your whole system intelligence.

Through BREATH you listen to your own timing, through FOCUS you expand your awareness, through FEELING you open to your intuition, through MOVING you activate your commitment and through RELATING you build healthy relationships.

In a safe, nourishing and playful environment with great music and people, you'll discover your innate creativity, confidence and love of life! 

You’ll be led through the entire Dance Alive System:

  • Drop In… free fall into the open space inside of you… ride the internal waves of creation.

  • Flow Easy… and welcome every experience… expand your capacity to accept what is

  • Reach Out… in all shapes and directions… move beyond your limitations

  • Power Up… move through fear… into confidence and choice

  • Gotta Move… interrupt your patterns… create new pathways and be resilient

You leave feeling awakened, strengthened, aligned, and nourished through every cell of your body!

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