Deepen Level One

Deepen Level One

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Saturday, March xx from 10:00am-10:00pm
Sunday, March xx from 1:00pm-6:00pm
135 Driftwood Street, Marina Del Rey, CA

So you want a Conscious Relationship?
Dive Deep into What’s So About Love…
Why It’s NOT Working & How that CAN Change!


  • The Actual Purpose of Conscious Relationships

  • The Levels of Awareness that it Requires

  • The Importance of knowing your Earliest Incident

  • The Difference between Sourced Trust and Conventional Trust

  • The Anatomy of an Upset

  • The Logic of Unity

  • The Power of Context, and

  • The Practice of Oneness

In this two-day immersion, Intimacy Expert ALORAH INANNA will rewire your mind and rekindle your body, guiding us from “Below the line, ego-based relationships seeking Love as a Solution”, to Above the Line, Beyond-ego relationships living Love as Creation.

Along the way, she will tell her truth about the conscious use of Ayahausca, Marijuana and MDMA as catalysts to Divine, Mythic Love and reveal how she and her husband awakened together thru the challenges of financial loss and marital infidelity.

A Two-Day, PLAY IT FORWARD ADVENTURE: Participate for free, gift it forward for “WE”.

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