NEW! Join the Facebook Group

NEW! Join the Facebook Group


Most of us have little experience observing healthy relationships. 

The subject - Relationships - is nearly neglected in our primary educational systems. 

For millions of years, relationships were about survival. 

We're newcomers to the idea of having fulfilling relationships, heartfelt communications, and a deep commitment to another. 

To succeed at relating, we must open up to new ways of thinking and feeling, living and loving, and the concept of practicing love. 

Welcome DEEPEN's Facebook Relationship Forum and Connection Portal. This is where we connect, learn, study and talk about love online. Consider it part of your We-Care practice. 

Here you may view and interact with with Relationship Guides - Alorah Inanna, Eva Clay, Oren Harris, Ariana Hall, Dr. Cat Meyers and more - as well as connect with those whom you meet at DEEPEN experiences.

Singles, couples, men, women, LGBT and all humans over the age of 18 are welcome.

Share articles. Ask questions. Be with those who desire to achieve healthy, meaningful relationships this lifetime too. 

Enhance your love life in community!

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