Journey to Connection x Sound Off™

Journey to Connection x Sound Off™


Saturday, April 7th
7:00 - 10:00pm
Bender at ROW DTLA: 777 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Designed for all beings (single or in relationship).

The Journey to Connection x Sound Off™ Experience will alchemize with your acceptance of this invitation. Together, 40 souls will transcend into kinship as we tune onto the same wavelength. 

Our once in a lifetime journey will begin on your yoga mat, headset on, lying down, as the head and heart align. Language left behind. Words dissipating.

Guided by voice and moving beyond the self, feeling the energy of all others, we will rise into unity. Connections surpassing what words are capable of expressing. Every gaze, every movement soliciting internal and external reactions, reinforcing the loop of give and take. 

Spirit Guides include Alorah Inanna, Christina Weber, Timothy BloomYarixa Ferrao, and Hart Sawyer

Must arrive by 7:15p. Dress to move. Bring a yoga mat. Space limited to 50. Reserve your spot now. 

* In honor of Christina Weber's birthday and all other April babies, net proceeds from this experience benefit children of abuse, extreme poverty, and trafficking through Feminine Weapon, The Orphaned Starfish Foundation + ARTEAMOR. 

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"My fiancée Kathy and I met at Christina's birthday party. Having worked with Christina at a New York branding agency, I knew she always kept good company and was great at matching people up--this was before Underground Unattached was a thing. Christina has always been about bringing people together, and I am so grateful we both went to her party that night! Newly single she introduced me to Kathy during the middle of her party. Kathy and I instantly hit it off and we quickly feel in love over the following months. So much so we were engaged a year and half later and planning our wedding. I have Christina to thank for bringing me the love of my life." ~ Phil Smith, Digital Director at NYC Branding Agency