Un.done is a slow-flow sensual yoga experience for women Guided by Dr Cat with live music journey by Ell Kay to support dropping into your bodies and learning to feel ourselves from the inside.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 7:30-10pm
224 E 11th St, Suite 700A
Los Angeles, CA 90015 

We accomplish oneness with our bodies and oneness with the collective sensual woman.

What makes this class unique is that we come together to practice in our underwear, letting go of self judgment and getting to know what it feels like for our skin to touch skin as we move the way our body wants to.

Dr Cat's style of teaching gets us to slow. it. all. done. so we can better connect within ourselves creating stronger interoceptive awareness--a person’s ability to detect their own internal bodily sensations. Bringing women to be more aware of their internal body cues may decrease external body awareness, or objectification of our own bodies. 

The music journey is lead by singer, songwriter, and producer Ell Kay whose sensual and rhythmic beats supports the grounded, yet liquid experience.

After the class stick around awhile as we drink tea, eat chocolate, & build positive sisterhood. In these times we find & build strength in supportive community.

Thank you to our sponsors Endofin Chocolate, Four Sigmatic, & Hint Water for the nourishment.

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