You are a Parent of the Universe



Through Feminine Weapon Day, we (as in a village) have provided funding and resources for children of abuse, extreme poverty and trafficking through The Orphaned Starfish Foundation + ARTEAMOR. 

When you join us, these children have your support too. So far we've raised over $54,000, providing:

  • Twelve shared computers,

  • Eight teacher salaries paid,

  • A year of education for 165 poverty-stricken children.

  • Musical programs for orphans in Nicaragua, Haiti and Costa Rica.

Many of the children you help us support have suffered unimaginable abuse. All live below the poverty line. Most are orphans. Many abandoned. Several are survivors of human trafficking and adolescent mothers, pregnant from rape. Some, even live in a cemetery.

The Orphaned Starfish Foundation (OSF) was founded by Andrew Stein. Andrew and his wife, Dilia Stein, a full-time volunteer, live in a modest one-bedroom apt in Queens, NY. They give nearly everything they have - time, money, energy, resources - to the children.

Serving over 13,000 children in 27 Countries (including the US), OSF brings technology based education to children and adolescents who would otherwise receive little to no education.

Dilia is also the founder of ARTEAMOR, an organization that brings art programs to the same children to help them heal and express themselves.