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West Side Monthly Series
Thursday, December 5
Doors: 6:30pm.
Program: 7:00-9:00pm

Venice, CA

Guided by Petra Hui

$20.00 access

We live in a strange time in human history – more connected than ever, yet isolated at the same time. Our devices are a sorry substitute for the aliveness of true connection and physical presence with beings.

Authentic Relating Guide Petra Hui aims to shift that. Consisting of relational and embodiment games and lots of time for sharing your inner experience, the practice revives an age old custom of time immemorial… humans gathering in a circle to be together.

Expect to find a deeper love and acceptance of yourself and others, while getting comfortable with conflict and discovering your true feelings and how to share them. This experience is waiting for you to say yes and dive into authentic relations.

Benefits of Authentic Relating:

  • Discover how you REALLY feel and how to share it.

  • Build comfort in thoughtful discourse.

  • Find a deeper love and acceptance of yourself and others.

  • Build a REAL community that you can fully be yourself in.

  • Learn how to create more meaningful relationships.

  • Come out of hiding and release the past.

  • Get over your fear of awkwardness.

  • ... and much more to be discovered collectively.

So, come as you are… Be received, breathe deep and open wide. It’s TIME to reclaim our inherent togetherness. One tribe. One people. HUMANITY.

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Meet at Mystic Manor


Please register in advance and meet at 1240 Morningside Way in Venice, CA 90291. The house, pictured above, looks like a spaceship!

Arrive at 6:30p to get settled in. The program will begin on-time at 7:00pm.

Neighborhood parking is easy and available.

Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in.

Come well-nourished and bring a water bottle.

Email hi@wedeepen.com or text 866-217-4268 if you need us.


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