Global Meditation
for Lasting Peace

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Online Every Tuesday
8:30am PST
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Start your Tuesdays with us for a 30–45 minute virtual gathering of like-minded individuals around the world to cultivate the hope, intention and implementation of Lasting Peace throughout the world.

This session will be lead by the founder of the Respectful Confrontation method, Joe Weston, who will begin with the importance of lasting peace, Courageous Civility, Respectful Confrontation and other topics.

He will then lead his practice The Core Exercise for Lasting Peace which is a daily practice of developing presence, grounding, courage and an increased capacity to engage with more and more beings in an empowered, resilient, openhearted way.

The session will end with a dedication and acknowledgement of our collective efforts of all those around the world who are present for this event.

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Let the sound of heart-filled stillness ring throughout the world, cut through the confusion and call us to our highest! — Joe Weston

Mastering Respectful Confrontation

The key to lasting peace begins with self-awareness, inner stillness and the courage to respectfully connect with others, in order to seek new solutions to our current issues that honor the humanity and dignity of us all.

If we want to see lasting peace, equality and fair equity for all, we must start with inhabiting our own hearts, adopting the courage to see our own unconscious behavior, and the respect, compassion and skill to speak to and listen to those who are different.

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A movement begins when the oppressed begin seeing themselves as pioneers in creating new, more human relations. Confident of their own humanity, movement builders are able to recognize the humanity in others, including their opponents. — Grace Lee Boggs, iconic peace activist