Meet Deepen Guide: Daliya Karnofsky and Avra Friedman

All My Single Friends Daliya Karnofsky and Avra Friedman

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Daliya is a professional Dating Coach. She helps people figure out what they want and how to get it (whether for life or for the night).

Avra is an actor/comedian, with credits ranging from opening for Gilbert Gottfried to a recurring role on the new comedy series "Now Apocalypse" on Starz.

What's your zone of genius? 

D: I want people to have fun with dating, by finding the joy in people research and a good story. Being able to laugh at all of the crazy adventures that come out of two imperfect people colliding is the essential ingredient in attracting a healthy relationship, and I help you get there.

A: All things comedy! Which definitely makes for an entertaining host. But also...I'm a person! I'm energetic, kindhearted, and supportive. I want to absolute best for the guests that come to my event so I do my best to put them in the best light. Thats a lot of bests right there!

How's your love life? 

D: Solid. I have had plenty of adventures, and now I am happy to say I have found the joy in comfort and the comfort in joy, and the new kind of adventure within that. And I could never be here or be happy being here if I hadn't been through a whole lot of hilarious people and self-research first.

A: It. Is. (Currently.) Good! Hit me up for more deets!

Why do you do what you do?

D: I've always been obsessed with other peoples' love lives. Connection is the one thing everyone wants. Dating is disparaged, but if we change our story around it and learn to enjoy it, it actually is enjoyable, and then we might find the person (or persons) who's even more enjoyable than that!

A: I want to create community in a city that needs it! I strive to help people find friendships and romantic relationships. To help them connect! I want to put people in their optimal light. Literally and metaphorically. So that they show up to others the way they want to be seen.


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