Meet Deepen Guide: Anah Reichenbach


Guide of Connect. A place for community.

Anah Reichenbach has been committed to fostering community for 22 years. First through pioneering the modern Hoop Dance movement and now through sharing her heart and presence in the realm of Authentic Relating, blogging, vlogging, and hosting transformational retreats across the world. Having been an explorer of hidden worlds since she was a child, a natural mystic and lover of all beings, Anah loves nothing more than to revel in expressions of inner truths with other humans on the journey of life. Her mission is to foster authenticity, depth and healing everywhere she walks.., with levity and frivolity not far behind.

What's your zone of genius? 

My zone of genius is in articulating hidden inner truths such that others can dive deep with me and deeper within themselves. The silver lining of my early traumas in life is I began asking the big questions, “who am I” and “what is life FOR??”, at a very young age. Diving head first into the age old tradition of spiritual questing and the search for meaning caused me to observe life and my inner experience with an intensity and passion that can only lead to breakthroughs. My life is marked and defined with massive “aha’s” combined with frequent dips into existential crisis. Having navigated the highs and lows of our collective human condition, my compassion for the human experience is immense.

My favorite moments are those in connection with others in the amorphous space of deep shares, belly laughs and personal insights, shared. My skill set includes heart centered facilitation, modeling creative and personal authenticity, dance and movement as a source of joy, fostering community, courageous trail blazing and finding the funny in even tense and serious moments. Levity in times like these are a saving grace. Sometimes you’ve got to plumb the depths to dance in the light.

How's your love life? 

My love life is one of the defining journeys of my whole life. I took an intentional break from romantic relationships about 4 years ago after finding myself in one karmic entanglement after another. I am so glad I did! The personal work I have done in that time has been deep and crucial healing, I am feeling ready for a very different kind of romantic relationship. One of mutuality, shared commitment to growth and real, clean honest LOVE. I’m calling him in and I know he is getting closer!

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because, in a way I have no other choice. My love of life has been strong from the beginning and I wasn't willing to live unhealed. My path of healing and natural desire to share, finds me in no other place than one of helping others navigate the waters of ancient wounds to find their aliveness again. Having experienced the suffering inherent in hiding ourselves away in the dark, I can't help but share my discoveries, insights and breakthroughs in service of providing a light in the dark for others on the path... I couldn't hold it back even if I wanted to. My place in the world is to dive deep, again and again... surfacing with pearls for the people, and for myself, to ooh and aah at. Life is meant to be lived FULLY PRESENT... it's is too short and too beautiful to sleep walk through. Life is meant to be SHARED. I love this relational space of mutual sharing more than anything. It's truly what I live for!

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