Meet Deepen Guide: Elise Ballard

Elise Ballard

Guide of Epiphany Circle

Elise is a writer, speaker, story researcher and author of "Epiphany" and "Epiphany: The Journal." As an epiphany expert, she loves helping people spark and fully utilize their epiphany "aha" moments.

What's your zone of genius? 

Communication. Connection. Curiosity and learning. Researching and hearing stories. I love people and am always deepening my skills for listening and encouraging people to share their stories and to build on their epiphanies. We're sharing wisdom and our gifts and talents with the world when we do, and we can't have enough of that! 

How's your love life? 

As a person who went through a crazy divorce (see Epiphany) and always had a somewhat fun yet tumultuous love life, for the first time (after kissing many a frog-who-had-prince-potential, much self-work, and of course, epiphanies), I’m in a relationship with a KIND man and it's made all the difference. Kindness is key (and DrPatAllen podcasts! ;)

Why do you do what you do?

My work is about paying it forward and getting information and what I've learned out there that helps educate, inspire and heal people as it has me. I love continually growing, sharing, gathering and deepening the experiences and tools of our epiphanies. It's practical and magical. 


View Elise’s creatively curated Universe at @EliseBallard