Meet Deepen Guide: Jessica Buck


Guide of Creative Writing

Jessica is a creative writer with a passion for touching hearts and minds with words and life experiences you won't forget. She is a lover of reading, self-care practices and a delicious meal. You can normally find Jessica at a bookstore, a cafe or the park, soaking up everything around her and making new memories daily.

What's your zone of genius? 

I love writing. Everything about being able to put words to paper and create a story that jumps off the page is desirable to me. I want to write stories that send you to another world, making you forget the present reality, as I used to do as a child when I discovered my love for fiction works. I want to touch hearts and minds, transform thinking and give others something new to ponder and incorporate a creative mind in everyday life.

How's your love life? 

I am not actively on the search for love, but am focusing on loving myself right now and believing everything will come from that. My main goal is to feel as whole as possible by myself, and be okay with being alone before trying to bring another person into the equation. I am the most important in this equation, and my personal growth and self-love is at the forefront of my life right now.

Why do you do what you do?

Everyone needs some time to zone out and forget about their current lives. This is why I love reading and writing so much. To have a bit of a break for the real world, even for a bit, is something I've loved from a young age. But with my writing, I want to evoke those underlying messages of self-love, individual thinking, faith and confidence without you know that it's a direct affirmation for your current and future life.


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