Meet Deepen Guide: Mariane Karou


Guide of Inner Rhythms: Deep Body Meditation & Dance Alive: Ride the Wave

Mariane is a Force of Nature: Vibrant, Inspired, Dynamic and Deeply Compassionate. Creator of Dance Alive and the Dance Alive Center. A formative leader, master teacher, innovator and pioneer. She walks her talk and balances personal freedom with deep commitment both in her personal life and business. She gets results by inspiring others to be their authentic selves and builds community everywhere she goes!

What's your zone of genius? 

I’m vitally alive, real and willing to relate honestly and authentically to anyone! I’m down to earth, creative, and live with no agenda and show up consistently! I lead others into their own genius, into deep trust and solid confidence and this carries through in all that they do. I get results!

How's your love life? 

Amazing! I am deeply loved and believed in by my husband, Richi for the last 40 years. We are deeply devoted to each other, our family, 3 kids, their spouses and grandchildren, our entire Dance Alive community and our greater community. We ooze realness, connection and LOVE living movement together!

Why do you do what you do?

I am inspired and I love to Move and Relate! I have an unyielding sense of adventure…..and relating shows me where I can move and where I can’t. I’ve always said, “You never know how enlightened you are, until you are in relationship.” My breath, body, family and students are my greatest teachers. I love life! I was born to do what I am doing!!! There has never been a question or doubt that there is anything else for me to do so that’s why I created Dance Alive!


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