Meet Deepen Guide: Megan “Z” Zimring

Megan “Z” Zimring

Guide of The Liberation Dojo

Megan “Z” Zimring, is a transformational guide serving as a voice for animals & master plant teachers. She's found her purpose in creating safe spaces for others to remember themselves whole while reclaiming empowered creatorship.

What's your zone of genius? 

Emotional Alchemy. Ceremony. Alignment. I hold a space of unconditional love & non judgement for the entire spectrum of the human emotional experience to move through in service of healing and true transformation. 

How's your love life? 

It's a compelling, deep, sexy dance with divinity. A living adventure with my partner Oren who ceaselessly calls me into deeper states of the Divine Union I'd always dreamt of and now get to experience in full living color.

Why do you do what you do?

It feels true. I've been through the fire of transformation many times and I know both the pain & the bliss of liberation on the other side of our fear based edges. I'm here to shine the light on those edges and support others in moving through their own initiations into freedom.


View Megan’s creatively curated Universe at @meganzimring