Meet Deepen Guide: Scott Paseltiner

Scott Paseltiner.png

Guide at We Play Recess
►Your Love Accomplice: coming soon!

Scott is a salsa and swing dancer, Acroyoga enthusiast, die hard beach volleyball player, dabbling musician, improv games-er, health and fitness fanatic, and a natural social connector with a propensity for bad jokes.

What's your zone of genius? 

I have a natural ability for training and teaching others, meeting and connecting great people, and for facilitating and leading group activities for fun or personal and professional development. My career has been built on leading corporate management and leadership development programs both internally and through consultancy.

How's your love life? 

Can we talk about my love of life instead? ;)

Why do you do what you do?

I believe the best way for people to meet others and form authentic connections is through experiencing shared activities. I want to take my passion for creating and leading fun and interesting experiences and expand it to as many people as possible to help build a bigger and greater community, buoyed by authentic connection and shared experience.



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