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Meet Celestino Cornielle
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Guide of Ushaman Conscious Connections

Celestino is an Urban Shaman, Guided Imagery Master, and Community Activator. Sometimes, he's also an actor. His presence inspires deep, transformative, introspection. 

What's your zone of genius? 

As an ancestral vessel, I teach the earth-based spiritual practices of my ancestors and create sacred spaces where I bring conscious artists, creatives, and influencers on a incredibly fun shamanic journey that allows them to learn from each other's wisdom, pierce through ALL illusions, and ignite soul connections.

How's your love life? 

Magickal. I believe that our intrinsic spiritual nature is polyamorous. There are no “real” limits on the amount of love we can give or how many we can love. My practice is to see the One in All and allow relationships to evolve organically as I build long-term, loving relationships (sexual or not), with full knowledge of everyone involved.

Why do you do what you do?

At the heart of everything I do is the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. It prophesies that at a time of great crisis our ancestors would return to us wearing bodies of different colors to unite mankind and save mother earth. This is the message I bring and why Ushaman Conscious Connections attendees are as diverse as the rainbow.



View Celestino's creatively curated Universe at @ushamantribe