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Meet Deepen Guide: Ssanyu Birigwa
Ssanyu Birigwa Bone Healer.png

Guide of Bone Healing + Narrative Medicine
►Your Love Accomplice: Removing The Mucky-Mucky

Ssanyu, Bone Healer, M.S., in Narrative Medicine, Columbia University, is an empathetic healer who makes you feel at peace from the moment you sense her presence.

What's your zone of genius? 

I am the creator of Pause3™ mindset method, a new ethnology, and a one-of-a-kind integrative approach addressing the narrative health of individuals who want to move towards a new, authentic and empowering mindset. In practice you learn the tools to de-clutter the mind, quiet the inner critic and harness the negative energy into productive strength.

How's your love life? 

My relationship with my partner is an embodied experience. Our connection is beyond words, cosmic and deep. We are like an ocean wave, fluid and strong.

Why do you do what you do?

Years ago I woke paralyzed from my shoulder to my fingers. This was one of many awakenings that guided me on a journey to become a healer and spiritual guide. I sought out answers, healed from working with a powerful spiritual father. Eventually I was lead towards my own ancestral lineage of Bone Healing and Shamanism.



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Meet Celestino Cornielle
Celestino Cornielle.JPG

Guide of Ushaman Conscious Connections

Celestino is an Urban Shaman, Guided Imagery Master, and Community Activator. Sometimes, he's also an actor. His presence inspires deep, transformative, introspection. 

What's your zone of genius? 

As an ancestral vessel, I teach the earth-based spiritual practices of my ancestors and create sacred spaces where I bring conscious artists, creatives, and influencers on a incredibly fun shamanic journey that allows them to learn from each other's wisdom, pierce through ALL illusions, and ignite soul connections.

How's your love life? 

Magickal. I believe that our intrinsic spiritual nature is polyamorous. There are no “real” limits on the amount of love we can give or how many we can love. My practice is to see the One in All and allow relationships to evolve organically as I build long-term, loving relationships (sexual or not), with full knowledge of everyone involved.

Why do you do what you do?

At the heart of everything I do is the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. It prophesies that at a time of great crisis our ancestors would return to us wearing bodies of different colors to unite mankind and save mother earth. This is the message I bring and why Ushaman Conscious Connections attendees are as diverse as the rainbow.



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Meet Deepen Guide: Andrew Barrett
Andrew Barrett Meditation Dating and Meditating.png

Guide of Dating + Meditating
►Your Love Accomplice: Dating + Meditating  and Aware of Myself

Barrett is a Meditation Teacher, Beatles expert, and owner of Dating & Meditating, a creative platform for conscious connections. 

What's your zone of genius? 

Creating safe spaces where people connect with themselves and each other. I facilitate creative experiences where people engage through discussion, books, music, and art. We ground through meditation and grow through thoughts, ideas and experiences — and maybe meet someone special. 

How's your love life? 

Great. My life is filled with deep, conscious connections, and an abundance of community. Becoming a facilitator of people making connections and learning the skills to navigate relationships has done wonders for my love life. 

Why do you do what you do?

Ultimately, we’re looking for ourselves, and meditation is essential to that search. I create experiences for people to find themselves, then connect that authentic self to someone special. 



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Meet Deepen Guide: Terrie Huberman
Terrie Huberman Deepen.jpg

Guide of Intuitive Matchmaking
►Your Love Accomplice: Psychic Powers

Terrie is a several times publicly tested authentic psychic medium and has a certificate of clearance to work with private investigation firms and law enforcement.

What's your zone of genius? 

I coach people using messages from the spirit world to embrace their authenticity; to achieve freedom, security, and joy in their lives and help them move forward when feeling stuck. I do this with compassion, humor, and no BS.

How's your love life? 

Adventurous! With the ‘perception’ of what I do, some men think of me as a parlor trick and others back off; I invoke vulnerability in them. Men enjoy my energy and sense of humor. It takes a strong man who’s got a good sense of himself, self-worth, and humor to partner with me. 

Why do you do what you do?

Because people taking ownership of their lives and creating their path inspires me and keeps me honest & courageous enough to continue with my own journey and difficulties. I learn much from my clients, of which I get to apply to my life jounrey.



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