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Meet Around a Dinner Table!

Curated Dinner Party
Hosted by Alex Sommer + Dine Offline

We once read that it takes an average of six-hours of online "dating" to meet one person in-person. That's crazy!

Who has time for that?!

Dine Offline brings connecting back to the real world! We host handpicked dinner parties at restaurants, introducing you to new friends over a gourmet meal.

With four to eight attendees per dinner, we ensure all guests of the opposite sex
meet your dating desires (age, religion, height, ethnicity, etc.). Plus, your host
Alex will provide conversation topics, and ensure you have one-on-one time with
each match.

Throw in a romantic, three-course meal on top of that, and you’re in for a fun
evening to remember!

* Experience will be curated based first applied. If October 19th isn't a match, you'll be added to Dine Offline's invitation list and receive future invites from us. We got you!