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The LOVE Parade NYC

The LOVE Parade NYC

The Love Parade NYC combines of random acts of kindness with activism. We gather to connect & spread love through gift giving on the streets.

NOW is the only time we have to make the decision that is going to improve our lives and change our world.

We have more technology + knowledge than ever before to solve the problems of Earth. Studies prove that people don’t change their minds because the facts and resources are there - People change their mind when they have a change of heart. We are creating an ACT OF BEAUTY on the streets to WAKE PEOPLE UP to the evolution through compassion, peace, and unity!

Joyful play + compassion + connection + spreading love in the form of gifts

Event Details:
 Union Square, NYC from 1-3pm for meditation and inspiration from guest speakers, including our founder, Christina Weber
March: Walking west on 14th Street to Highline Park. We give flowers as gifts and share smiles to create a small change of heart that will have a ripple effect into our cherished community.
Party: Take the "L"OVE Train to House of Yes (8th Ave to the Jefferson Stop) Details coming soon.
Workshops: Learn more about Choose Love Now workshops that combine education with mindfulness to empower direct action. Summer series starting in May.

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What to Bring:
- Flowers for gift-giving.
- Bring your pets!
- Bring your children!

What to Wear:
Colorful clothing!
Dress in your team color!

This is a sustainable event. No balloons. No confetti. Clean up after your neighbors.

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