Sixth Annual Feminine Weapon Day

On Wednesday, January 30th, we united as Mothers + Fathers of the Universe in benefit of children of abuse, poverty and trafficking. So far, cumulative efforts have raised over $54,000 for orphans to receive Education, Computer Technology and Art & Healing Programs.

Photographs by Heidi Garcia + Nick Nakahara


We Play Recess

Guided by Scott Paseltiner + Noel Rosencranz
Photographs by Heidi Garcia


Midnights With 'Mary'

Guided by Alorah Inanna
Photographs by Gabriel Vidah


Journey to Connection

Guided by Christina Weber, Alorah Inanna, Timothy Bloom and Hart Sawyer
Photographs by Heidi Garcia, Samir Janjua and E.B. Debari



Guided by Yarixa Ferrao
Photographs by Heidi Garcia


Ushaman Conscious Connections

Guided by Celestino Cornielle
Photographs by Ian Bailey


The Red Tent LA

Guided by Greta Hassel Grace
Photographs by Heidi Garica


Dating & Meditating

Guided by Andrew Barrett
Photographs by Heidi Garcia + Others


Mindful Mingling

Guided by Greta Hassel Grace + Dennis Cohen
Photographs by Heidi Garcia