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Dating + Meditating

Every week in Los Angeles, Andrew Barrett guides a 20-min group meditation and discussion on a relationship-oriented topic like Sending Mixed Signals, Dating Multiple People at Once, or Being Ready. The experience is packed each week with highly conscious, interesting beings. Most are single and all desire to achieve healthy, meaningful relationships. Listen as we recap what we've learned about dating over the past four months since the experience began. You'll hear thoughts on money as it relates to dating, monogamy vs. matriarchy, and why you must directly ask the questions you seek answers to. Growth is found here.

Single Mother By Choice

Do you feel your biological clock ticking? Gina Patel, age 38, desired to be a mother. Rather than wait for the "right man" to arrive and potentially miss her child birthing years, she choose insemination. And while the road has been filled with unforeseen challenges, Gina now has a beautiful 4-month old baby girl and absolutely no regrets. Listen to her inspiring story as she vulnerably shares her process to becoming a Choice Mother and how she's learning to navigate the question, "Who's her Daddy?"

Wounded Warrior

My long-time friend and former flatmate, Danielle, of New York City, and I connect for a conversation about love. The morning of this recording, I suggested relationship coaching as a therapeutic form of reflection and catalyst for growth. In this intimate portrayal, Danielle struggles with identity, self-love, and direction, days after the end of a 5-year relationship. This episode is relatable to all women out there who question their self-worth immediately after a man has left physically but his emotional and spiritual presence still resides within. 

Relationship Role Models

Greta Hassel Grace, a Marriage and Family Therapist + Calling in "The One" Coach and Dennis Cohen, a Divorce Mediator + Conscious Uncoupling Coach, met while ecstatic dancing. Both in their 50s and originally dating other people, developed a friendship first. Without pressure, the connection eventually turned romantic and led to marriage. As a couple, they glow. Seeing the pair at parties and events on the West Side of Los Angeles, you can't help but notice them. They have the type of relationship pasted on vision boards. Sitting in a Red Tent at their home in Mar Vista, we talk about their love story, the challenges of dating and the types of experiences they create for singles and couples to inspire healthy unions. Leaving the conversation, I feel more ready for love. 

Psychic Powers

Can a psychic really help you navigate your love life? I get into it with Professional Intuitive, Terrie Huberman, who's also host of an Intuitive Matchmaking Experience in Los Angeles. I find psychics have the ability to get us out of our past and into flow with the possibility and potential future brings. Love is found in mystery. Yet, giving too much power to someone else's word, may also be dangerous. Can another really perfectly predict your future? Isn't energy always shifting and changing? Listen as Terrie and I share our own hang ups and how intuition acts as our guide in love. (The Intuitive Matchmaking Experience Guided by Terrie will take place in Los Angeles on Friday, October 12th. Register here.)

Lightning In A Bottle

Venturing through my first festival with Alorah Inanna, Intimacy Expert and LIB speaker, and Craig Ruble (aka Rubio), a student of Alorah's teachings, fostered a fascinating observation of human dynamics. Recorded in an SUV surrounded by 30,000 campers inspired a conversation about east coast vs. west coast dating, sexual vs. sensational touch and how many are searching & sorting for "The One." All around us people participated in yoga, educational seminars, spiritual ceremonies, live music, DJs, dance parties - many high on life or a variety of drugs. As upload this episode I'm left thinking, what if all of us - thousands - were stuck by that lake for six months? Would we then find who or what we're seeking? Hmm.

Flow + Boundaries

Author Stephen Covey says that human's greatest achievement is interdependence. On the journey to discover a best suited life partner, willing to dance within the container of a relationship, thoughts are formed, shifted, created and expanded. Boundaries become established in exploration of the connection. For this episode I invite Rachel Maskell, Story Alchemist and founder of The Story Circle, married for ten years, to converse with me about how boundaries develop in a relationship. We flow through the topic which may sound relatable or even trigger you. Take note of how it pulls at you.

The Art Of Cuddling

I’ve heard that many Americans and Western Europeans are starved for touch. To shift us into connection, Certified and Professional Cuddlers, even studios designed for cuddle sessions, are popping up in California. Christina Hepburn, a Professional Cuddler, and host of T&A Sex Talk, and I have a fun conversation about touch, the benefits of cuddling and how to incorporate it while dating or when getting to know another before liquid contact. My new motto: Keep your arms open and don't be afraid to touch (only when consensual, please).

Meeting IRL

Friends Nick Onken and Coach Yari have a spontaneous Saturday conversation with me about dating, connecting and unleashing fears. Movement - be it dance or just going out into the world - opens you up to newness, nearly freeing you, and allowing for magic moments of creation and connection, like this one. Both Nick and Yari, meeting for the first time, surrender by saying, YES! when asked to create this podcast only moments before record is pushed. Whether in New York City, Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world, meeting in real life always feels better than through an app... at least it does for me. 

The Energy Muse

Energy is moving through us. I'm constantly shifting, changing and learning. Every podcast guest becomes a messenger. Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, co-founders of The Energy Muse, uncomfortably pushed me forward - literally becoming my energy muse. Anxiety ran through my body as we recorded. As my own worst critic I needed time to shake and move beyond it. Months later, while Mercury is in Retrograde, I'm ready to share this episode with you. We talk crystals, opening your heart and preparing for love. Can you sense the change or shift in my being since episode one? I imagine you to have changed as well. Evolution is inevitable. Thanks for sharing this wild journey with me!


Lauren Wallet of Rebella destroyed an identity she was once known for in South Africa. Author of Love Lauren, a blog which detailed life as a Professional Dater, no longer fed her soul. After fleeing to Los Angeles Lauren learns the difference between "dating" and "seeing each other" as she more deeply meets herself 90-days sober. Lauren and I talk about self-evolution and the anxiety that can take over when a new love seems to disconnect. Is time really an illusion in matters of the heart? Or should we accept the cycle of creating and destroying?

Having Fun With Men

Is he an Alpha or Beta Man? A "Player" or there for you to have fun with (until you're done)? Brian Howie, Host of The Great Love Debate, and I bring you a double podcast. While the two of us may be at the center of the Dating Industry, each having spoken to thousands about dating + relating, we're still in our process of "figuring it all out." Join us for a fun conversation as we talk about unique male archetypes and a dragon penis tattoo. I imagine the conversation to further your thoughts.