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Dating + Meditating

Every week in Los Angeles, Andrew Barrett guides a 20-min group meditation and discussion on a relationship-oriented topic like Sending Mixed Signals, Dating Multiple People at Once, or Being Ready. The experience is packed each week with highly conscious, interesting beings. Most are single and all desire to achieve healthy, meaningful relationships. Listen as we recap what we've learned about dating over the past four months since the experience began. You'll hear thoughts on money as it relates to dating, monogamy vs. matriarchy, and why you must directly ask the questions you seek answers to. Growth is found here.

Aware of Myself

It's reported that 40 million people experience anxiety. For me, it's circumstantial. Andrew Barrett, a Vedic Meditation Guide, and I discuss tools to calm your nerves when stepping outside of your comfort zone. Excitement and anxiety may feel similar as we expand to take in a new partner to arrive in love, in union with each other. Stay with it. Awareness creates the opening.