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Psychic Powers

Can a psychic really help you navigate your love life? I get into it with Professional Intuitive, Terrie Huberman, who's also host of an Intuitive Matchmaking Experience in Los Angeles. I find psychics have the ability to get us out of our past and into flow with the possibility and potential future brings. Love is found in mystery. Yet, giving too much power to someone else's word, may also be dangerous. Can another really perfectly predict your future? Isn't energy always shifting and changing? Listen as Terrie and I share our own hang ups and how intuition acts as our guide in love. (The Intuitive Matchmaking Experience Guided by Terrie will take place in Los Angeles on Friday, October 12th. Register here.)


Lauren Wallet of Rebella destroyed an identity she was once known for in South Africa. Author of Love Lauren, a blog which detailed life as a Professional Dater, no longer fed her soul. After fleeing to Los Angeles Lauren learns the difference between "dating" and "seeing each other" as she more deeply meets herself 90-days sober. Lauren and I talk about self-evolution and the anxiety that can take over when a new love seems to disconnect. Is time really an illusion in matters of the heart? Or should we accept the cycle of creating and destroying?