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Dating + Meditating

Every week in Los Angeles, Andrew Barrett guides a 20-min group meditation and discussion on a relationship-oriented topic like Sending Mixed Signals, Dating Multiple People at Once, or Being Ready. The experience is packed each week with highly conscious, interesting beings. Most are single and all desire to achieve healthy, meaningful relationships. Listen as we recap what we've learned about dating over the past four months since the experience began. You'll hear thoughts on money as it relates to dating, monogamy vs. matriarchy, and why you must directly ask the questions you seek answers to. Growth is found here.


The mantra, SO PURKH, is known as the chant for men. Mara Saranpreet Luthane, a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, first told me about the prayer. Shortly after, I began a 40-day practice of reciting the prayer 11x daily. The Sikh mantra is said to uplift men, clear up karma around men, and bring out "The Man God" in men. Some even call it "the love mantra" as it's also said to call in your true (male) love. In this episode, Mara shares the heritage of SO PURKH and the power of chanting it. Recorded on Day 17 of my practice, hear how it's shifting my relationship with the masculine thus far. Both men and women are invited to chant SO PURKH. I imagine it to leave you buzzing and vibrating higher than ever before with a greater capacity for love in your heart. 

No Filter

Trying to predict how to share what's on your mind so that the others receive it well is exhausting. My guest, Robert Schwenkler, Founder of The Brotherhood Community, lovingly speaks his truth even if you don't like it. Robert, who first said no to being on this podcast, draws people towards him with his honesty and desire to do/be better. Listen as we chat about male/female friendship, transformational work, and $$$ from his home in Santa Monica, CA.

Removing The Mucky-Mucky

Lightworkers help us remove blind spots. Prior to recording this episode, I experienced a Bone and Reiki Healing session with Ssanyu Birigwa, also a Practitioner of Narrative Medicine. Listen as we recap the session. Through deep inner work, guided by the anxiety in my chest, my mindset around money and my value shifted, allowing me to step further into my power as a healer and lover. From a closet in West Hollywood, Ssanyu and I share our personal transformations and how they help us up-level in life. 

Meet A King

I have a theory that man's life purpose is to make women happy. Nick Spano, founder of Re/Creation Cafe, doesn't exactly agree. He believes the purpose of his life is to love so greatly, with such devotion to love itself, that his love impacts the world around him. The byproduct of which makes women *very* happy. Listen as Nick opens up about how heartbreak is a catalyst, why community is vital to partnership, and how living a life in service to something bigger than yourself is the truest expression of love. 

(Watch Nick passionately share about the day he created to pamper women: Goddess Liberation Day - YouTube.)

Aged Toddlers

A conversation with Comedian Ross Everett feels like recess. We each throw out thoughts and catch epiphanies like children in a sandbox. While it appears that we may have it all "figured out," I can imagine sitting back down with him in 10 years and laughing about how far we've come. Ghosting, the power of pray, fantasy relationships and attachment - we talk about it all in my longest but greatest mind journey podcast yet. You'll want to see Ross's show, Stop Stopping The Unstoppable, after hearing about it here!

Good Health Is Magnetizing

Self-love leads to self-healing. Let's face it, we cannot rely on doctors to cure us. Get curious. Hopefully, no one knows you better than you. Neil Cannon, the best-selling author of The Vitality Secret, gets real about attraction and the energetic pull of good health. Unfortunately, many Americans are popping pills which suppress emotions and numb desires. Who's really in that body? I find out what makes this single man aged 37 tick. With you as our witness, Neil may have even shifted his perspective from workaholic to open to love.

Dear Lord

Kesha Nichols, former NBA Dancer and VH1 Reality Star, left New York City to re-enter life in her hometown of Morganton, NC. Leaving behind private jets and a penthouse apt, she found herself and regained her faith. Two years later, her soulmate walked through the Bible Study doors. Kesha and I talk about aging proudly, conversational narcissism, and how loving yourself may be the key to finding love with another. 

Young Male Psyche

What is it like growing up in the age of dating apps? How does it impact our social skills? I talk with Kyle KA and Alex Weber of Don't Tell Comedy about what it's like to be single at age 25 and 30 living in Los Angeles. This podcast journeys through the definition of love, soulmates, overcoming shyness and how being in flow with your life purpose may help you attract a partner who helps you achieve it. We even imagine a dating app that matches you with someone who has similar childhood wounds to help you self-correct. No matter the age, love is on the mind. 

How To Love Your Life Sober

As children, we're first domesticated by our parents and then by society. At sixteen, my friends began drinking. I followed suit. I wanted to fit in. It took me twenty years to realize that I don't really like the effects alcohol has on my brain, body, and spirit. At thirty-six, I recently embarked on a 365-day challenge to live life without booze. My guest, Sasha Stone, one of my life coaches, eliminated alcohol from her life years ago. We talk sobriety, social hacking, and how to love your relationship now. We're all unique beings. What's right for me or Sasha may not be right for you. However, our conversation may evoke envy or inspiration to think about dating, your relationships or your life differently. 


Listen in as Shaun Derik, Creator of The Hard Part Show, and I explore "perspective" as it relates to dating and relationships. It's like we're all merely making up our own stories; casting people into our lives without a complete understanding of who they really are. How do we change this? Perfecting our communication skills? New social contracts? Expressed deep curiosity of another? Or could it be that we all just need to start being more honest with ourselves?

Faith In The Pursuit

We've all heard, "you'll meet your mate when you stop looking and accept being single." The chatter heard is hard not to catch and latch onto, mistaking it as our truth. I call bullsh*t on it all. What's right for me may not be right for you. I speak with a best friend and leader in the psychedelic movement about faith in the pursuit of love from an undisclosed location. We explore procreation, age, fertility, genetics, and timing. Listen in. Could it be that we just need to trust life a bit more?