Good Health Is Magnetizing

Self-love leads to self-healing. Let's face it, we cannot rely on doctors to cure us. Get curious. Hopefully, no one knows you better than you. Neil Cannon, the best-selling author of The Vitality Secret, gets real about attraction and the energetic pull of good health. Unfortunately, many Americans are popping pills which suppress emotions and numb desires. Who's really in that body? I find out what makes this single man aged 37 tick. With you as our witness, Neil may have even shifted his perspective from workaholic to open to love.

Dear Lord

Kesha Nichols, former NBA Dancer and VH1 Reality Star, left New York City to re-enter life in her hometown of Morganton, NC. Leaving behind private jets and a penthouse apt, she found herself and regained her faith. Two years later, her soulmate walked through the Bible Study doors. Kesha and I talk about aging proudly, conversational narcissism, and how loving yourself may be the key to finding love with another. 

Young Male Psyche

What is it like growing up in the age of dating apps? How does it impact our social skills? I talk with Kyle KA and Alex Weber of Don't Tell Comedy about what it's like to be single at age 25 and 30 living in Los Angeles. This podcast journeys through the definition of love, soulmates, overcoming shyness and how being in flow with your life purpose may help you attract a partner who helps you achieve it. We even imagine a dating app that matches you with someone who has similar childhood wounds to help you self-correct. No matter the age, love is on the mind. 

How To Love Your Life Sober

As children, we're first domesticated by our parents and then by society. At sixteen, my friends began drinking. I followed suit. I wanted to fit in. It took me twenty years to realize that I don't really like the effects alcohol has on my brain, body, and spirit. At thirty-six, I recently embarked on a 365-day challenge to live life without booze. My guest, Sasha Stone, one of my life coaches, eliminated alcohol from her life years ago. We talk sobriety, social hacking, and how to love your relationship now. We're all unique beings. What's right for me or Sasha may not be right for you. However, our conversation may evoke envy or inspiration to think about dating, your relationships or your life differently. 


Listen in as Shaun Derik, Creator of The Hard Part Show, and I explore "perspective" as it relates to dating and relationships. It's like we're all merely making up our own stories; casting people into our lives without a complete understanding of who they really are. How do we change this? Perfecting our communication skills? New social contracts? Expressed deep curiosity of another? Or could it be that we all just need to start being more honest with ourselves?

Faith In The Pursuit

We've all heard, "you'll meet your mate when you stop looking and accept being single." The chatter heard is hard not to catch and latch onto, mistaking it as our truth. I call bullsh*t on it all. What's right for me may not be right for you. I speak with a best friend and leader in the psychedelic movement about faith in the pursuit of love from an undisclosed location. We explore procreation, age, fertility, genetics, and timing. Listen in. Could it be that we just need to trust life a bit more?

Male/Female Friendship

The ever-expanding expectation we place on our significant other to be our everything may be caused by the lack of authentic male and female friendships. America's Top Relationship blogger, James Micheal Sama, and I debate the subject referencing The Ladder Theory, Esther Perel's research, and our personal relationships. Can male and women be just friends? I believe it's a must. Listen and decide for yourself!

The Power of Plants

Plant medicines, like ayahuasca, heal, inspire creativity and open us up to deeper, greater love. People who use them often report a sense of reconnection with themselves, others and the natural world. I talk shamanistic love with friends Alexander Hill and Aychele Hill who met during a plant ceremony in the jungle and married just months later. Should you run into the jungle to find love too?! Maybe! 

Aware of Myself

It's reported that 40 million people experience anxiety. For me, it's circumstantial. Andrew Barrett, a Vedic Meditation Guide, and I discuss tools to calm your nerves when stepping outside of your comfort zone. Excitement and anxiety may feel similar as we expand to take in a new partner to arrive in love, in union with each other. Stay with it. Awareness creates the opening.

Becoming Better

You want to marry an evolved being? Become one! I talk self-development and how it prepares us for our dream relationship with newly engaged couple, Quddus Philippe and Carmina Becerra. Straight from Burning Man, they share why transformational training may be where you'll meet your mate - and find yourself! 

One Person Changes Everything

Life shifts, changes, and molds as new relationships enter. Sarah Anne Stewart seeded what ultimately became Underground Unattached (UU). A former model, Sarah, guides humans toward greater fulfillment. After hosting numerous wellness retreats she received many requests - from men and women - to make romantic introductions. Sarah and I talk about the "singles event" which ultimately became UU and led her to meet her partner, Craig Clemens. Together, as a couple, the two experience powerful relationship coaching. 

Owning Your Purpose

Imagine life if men realized their life purpose to make women happy. And if all women were lovers of men. Christina talks Feminine versus Masculine energy with Brian Howie of The Great Love Debate and Amanda Young of Urban Goddess Retreats. Are we all just spirituality malnutrition? Brian and Amanda share how men and women may better connect - and the possibilities that can be revealed!