who created this?

Underground Unattached was conceptualized by Christina Weber out of her frustrations with the dating space. 

" I first tried the dating apps in 2014. After just two weeks online, I felt drained.  Hours were spent on introductory text conversations and dead-end dates. I thought, 'there must be another way..." 

Underground Unattached is a Manifestation of Wonders

Your Team

Christina Weber:  Founder + Chief Curator

Christina Weber: Founder + Chief Curator

Jessica Almonte : Coordinator

Jessica Almonte: Coordinator

Shaun Derik:  Co-Founder + Engagement Expert

Shaun Derik: Co-Founder + Engagement Expert

Karen Moy : Coordinator

Karen Moy: Coordinator

Sunny Jenkins : Chief Communicator 

Sunny Jenkins: Chief Communicator 

Dana Stone:  Coordinator

Dana Stone: Coordinator


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