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Hello Welcome to Deepen

Text us at: 866-217-4268

Texts, love’em or hate’em? In 2019 we began sending texts on the regular to invite community to deepen.

Many have expressed curiosity to learn who gets them, who sends them and all the nitty gritty details re: deepen text.

Here goes..

  • 933 people in the Los Angeles area receive texts. Our contacts have grown by 475% since we began writing more in March.

  • Our mission to create more meaningful, loving relationships by providing experiences that are fun, playful, mind-stimulating, and growth-oriented is what attracts most people. Community is weaving.

  • Ages tend to range from mid-twenties to mid-forties; however, we reach those with more and less life experience as well. Deepen is inclusive.

  • 866-217-4268, many discover the # in the announcement bar at weDEEPEN.com. They text in their name to add themselves to the list. Others get added once they register for an experience.

  • You can forward our digits to friends. Save Deepen in your phone. Share contact. Ask them to send us their name.

  • The line is open for testimonials, feedback and questions. Text us! We always reply.

  • Roughly 8-18 signup for an experience after receiving a text message invite.

  • 13 people responded to help when Yari, Guide of Unleash, needed support laying a padded floor for February’s dance journey. Three of them couldn’t even attend the main event due to scheduling conflicts. People like to be of service.

  • Texts are limited to 160 characters. If we type more, it gets expensive.

  • Messages are NEVER automated. A human - Christina or another Deepen guide - thoughtfully types each message.

  • Understanding that you’re inundated by those who want your attention, we’re cautious not to send too many messages. No more than three a week are released. Unsubscribes are rare; however, to remove yourself at any time, simply reply with STOP.

Have questions, send a text to 866-217-4268.



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