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Unleash! Dance Journey

4-Hour Quarterly Immersive
Sunday, September 22 from 5:00-9:00pm

Guided by Yarixa Ferrao

Tickets go on sale late August.

$25.00 first access. $33 second access. $44 third access. $49.00 at the door.

Unleash! is an all-in guided dance experience designed to activate your fullest self expression without judgement or inhibition.

Hop over to this fun, magical, spur of the moment kind of ride. Experience surrender through surprise. Receive inspiration followed by bursts of action. Trust and allow!

Guided by Yarixa Ferrao, DJ- Danni G and a host of surprise performers!

Get face and body painted with Tribal Markers, drink organic elixirs and enjoy highest quality chocolate upon arrival.

Enter into a creative musical journey - a fresh, raw, sexy, earthy, happy, fun and unique vibe through a mixture of eclectic rhythms, infused with LIVE vocals and instruments, gracefully amping up moment by moment.

**Unleash! is a Substance-free Experience** (It's so powerful, you get naturally high!) 


Destination TBD


Arrive at 5:00pm to begin activation with tribal markers and to enjoy yummy treats and elixirs. Doors close at 6:15pm.

Dress in what inspires you, without second-guessing, put that on! You will be invited to receive sparkles and body paint.

Unleash! is a shoeless experience.

Bring a water bottle, instruments for the jam session at the end and your awesome self! 

Email hi@wedeepen.com or text 866-217-4268 if you need us.


Transform at Unleash!


Unleash! Testimonials

"… This is my 4th Unleash. I keep coming back because it's absolutely amazing. It's one of the most transformative experiences I've ever had… I recommend it to everybody!"

"…I felt so full of love – so amazing. I'm so grateful there's a community like this for artists, creatives, and the musicians were so amazing! If you haven't come to Unleash, I think you should just open your heart and come!" 


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