Why Deepen?


The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.

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49 million Americans have online dated.

Half lie on their profile.

A third never meet anyone in person.

Research suggests that you would prefer to meet your signifiant other in real-life, doing what you love to do while stepping out of your comfort zone and learning about love. 

So we’ve evolved Underground Unattached from a curated dating experience to DEEPEN, a series of live events facilitated by educators, entertainers and accredited guides. You meet interesting people, doing interesting things.

Imagine creating connections at a group meditation, storytelling dinner party, or a transformational workshop about saying YES, AND to life.  

Wouldn’t that be better than swiping on a phone?!

More than a thousand thought-leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs have joined thus far in Los Angeles and New York City, all asking the same question:

Where did you find all these amazing people?

The answer is, our founder, Christina Weber, keeps good company, and word spread that people were having fun, making friends, finding love - even getting married!

Guides create experiences that uniquely connect you to good-hearted, interesting beings.

Community is weaving. It’s not just about dating anymore.

Couples, singles, men, women, LGBT, everyone is welcome.

Relationships need to live inside of larger social constructs. All together now.

You belong to Deepen.


Community Agreements


You are part of a community of beings who see each other regularly at variety of experiences guided by social alchemists.

By joining us, you agree to:

1. Treat those you meet as allies.
2. Respect boundaries. Be direct and empathetic.
3. Consider the venues you visit sacred spaces. Clean up after yourself. Arrive on time.
4. Don Miguel Ruiz's Four Agreements (if new to you, google or read the book.)
5. Never be an a**hole.
6. Reach out directly to Deepen with feedback. We're human.
7. Come with an open heart. This isn't about finding "The One," it's about connecting with self and community.
8. We're in this together.