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ART of Being

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Level 1: Authentic Relating
2-Day Immersion
SOLD OUT - Weekend, October 12-13
Private Home DTLA

Guided by Jason Digges

$345.00 access

*Use promo code “RELATING” for $50 off now. Code limited to the first four (4) people to sign up using it.

Activate and expand your relational capacities to radically transform all your relationships and experience connection, intimacy, trust, and aliveness with anyone, anytime, anywhere – all within just two days.

Attended by hundreds of people around the world, participants regularly say that the ART International Level 1 Authentic Relating Course was one of the most powerful and transformational relational experiences of their lives!

The course is designed to make the learning of authentic relating as accessible, adoptable, practical, and engaging as possible, so that you can apply new skills to your life right away with immediate results.

The tools and skills you will learn work across all social contexts, from the workplace to the living room, from strangers to partners and everyone in between.

ART International co-Founder Jason Digges, will expertly guide you through a curriculum that strongly emphasizes embodied and experiential learning. This is not a lecture or seminar – it is a deep dive full-immersion training that will leave you enlivened, heart and mind-opened, and deeply connected to yourself and others.

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Course Details

Both days begin at 10am and end roughly at 8pm, with a 90-minute lunch break in the early afternoon. You will be guided through a thoroughly tested and proven sequence of exercises designed to teach you the most powerful tools to create and deepen connection, with facilitated group conversation after each exercise to ensure maximum learning. Exercises have been constructed to ensure that the foundational skills of Authentic Relating are most efficiently and effectively absorbed by participants, no matter your level of prior experience or training.


  • What is Authentic Relating?

  • The Five Authentic Relating Practices

  • The Three Levels of Conversation

  • The Foundation of Connection

  • Empathy and Authentic Listening

  • The Power of Setting Context

  • Dignity and Humility, Posture and Collapse

  • Be the Guru


  • The Role of the Witness

  • Undamning the World

  • Genuine Curiosity

  • Transforming Conflict

  • Discomfort as a Spiritual Practice

  • Relational Aikido

  • The Withhold Process

  • Integration

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As a graduate of the ART Level 1 course, you will leave the weekend with:

  • Ability to engage in deep, meaningful, soulful conversations with anyone, anytime, anywhere

  • Powerful language and skill-set to accurately and transparently express your authentic experience in real time, and to invite others to do the same

  • Awareness to identify your true, core desires, and the ability to articulate them to others

  • Profound understanding of the dignity of speaking your authentic voice, and the humility of using your eyes and ears to pay attention to – and learn from – the world around you

  • Ability to see and reflect the essential being in others, and to gently guide them into a space in which they can be fully, wholly themselves – one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other

  • Complete set of powerful tools to de-escalate conflict and to use conflict as a vehicle leading to deepen connection, understanding and empathy

  • Connection to childlike genuine curiosity and a perspective that regards the world with awe and wonder

  • Experience of profoundly vulnerable, intimate, beautiful connections with other participants that will leave you inspired, delighted and heart-opened

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What People Say

Since the workshop ended I’ve noticed a greater sense of peace within myself: less anxiety, a stronger connection to the present moment, a willingness to surrender and an ability to connect more deeply with the people in my daily life. ~Apryl

The Level 1 course has changed my entire view of my identity in a matter of two days. All the masks I used to wear have been stripped away and I have found myself for what feels like the first time. ~Nick

I loved the facilitator’s delivery of the material – complete, competent, insightful, grounded, genuine, calm, approachable, and heartfelt. Overall, the course brought me countless insights, connections, and ear-to-ear smiles that I will treasure forever. ~Nora

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Meet in DTLA


Register using the link above and then plan to meet on Industrial Street in Los Angeles, CA 90021.

Following registration, you will receive an email directly from ART International with the house & unit number, plus further information regarding course logistics as well as how to best prepare for the weekend.

Email hi@wedeepen.com or text 866-217-4268 if you need us.


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