Nothing is original.

Steal from anywhere that fuels your imagination. 

Devour old films, new films, music, books, events, paintings, poems, dreams, hugs, conversations, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows.

Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul.

If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic.

Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery—celebrate it! Thanks to Jim Jarmusch for this thought. 

While conceiving Deepen, we first got inspired by Classpass. Then we begin boosting that what Netflix is for digital content, Deepen is to live experiences. 

Most recently we took MindBody's technology, originally created for the fitness industry, and applied to our mission of revolutionizing human connection. 

Fueled by the successful, we bring you a more fluid registration and check in process.

Check out upcoming experiences and signup to spark your creativity in community. ⤵

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Are you coming to Unleash! tomorrow at 5p at Wisdome DTLA?

I wanted to check in and also give you an idea of what you can expect, should you decide to signup.

Once upon a time in February of 2018, I attended the very first Unleash! Dance Journey. Coming from NYC where dancing included stilettos, bottle service (drunk people!), dark clubs and loud music, I wasn't sure what to expect. 

I felt a bit anxious. I drove there listening to an Abraham Hicks rampage in hopes of calming my nerves.

Upon arrival I was greeted by friendly faces. It seemed like they were all interested in making friends. Some were sitting meditation, others being painted by Tribal Markers. 

Then the music and facilitation began. Inspired, I let the f*ck go!

Without shoes, furniture, or cocktail waitresses in my way, I felt freedom in movement. Judgement was non-existent. I was accepted as me and felt connected to community. 

You can feel this way too! Unleash! is transformative. It cracks you open. 

The dance journey is guided by Yarixa Ferrao, a world renowned Mind & Body Transformation Coach. For nearly two decades, Yarixa has been helping people remove blockages and step further into their power. 

Featured on MTV, CNN Espanol, Univision, Fitness Rx Radio and in Woman’s Day Magazine, her methodologies have caught on. 

In 2017, with Yarixa as my coach, I healed from a serious concussion. 

Have you ever noticed how people who help people are surrounded by the best kinds of people?

In awe of beauty, a friend and I looked around the room at the last Unleash! (happening monthly). We noticed it was full of radiance—like all the people had just come from a Tony Robbins seminar.

Unleash! attracts a diverse group of attendees ranging in age, sexuality and ethnicity who all want to connect to community. 

We get DJ-Danni G, live music, performances, conga players, dark chocolate, and Tribal Markers at the world's first fully immersive art park, Wisdome in DTLA. It's magical as f*ck and fun!

Register now and receive an optional 20-min complimentary 1:1 session by video chat with Coach Yarixa designed to help you discover what holds you back from unleashing your fullest potential!

Whoa! This has never been offered before and may never be again. 

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We are not strangers here, just friends who haven't met.

Come together and immerse yourself in social experiences facilitated at world-renowned festivals without leaving LA. 

Guided by the teachers, speakers and musicians like those of Lightning in a Bottle, Bali Spirit Fest, and Envision, journey through activities designed to weave you in community.

Invite old friends and make new ones. Develop your social skills. Come play!

Think of Deepen as emotional hygiene—caring for your psychological-health (emotions & minds) with the same diligence you take caring for your body. Suggestion: watch this TED Talk.

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You're invited to journey through social experiences designed to weave you into an evolving community.

Nearly 1400 in the LA area get this email weekly. 700+ receive Deepen text invites

Guided by leading psychologists, meditation teachers, astrologists, musicians, intimacy experts, TED speakers, artists and entertainers, these experiences promote personal growth and connection. Plus, they're fun!

If you're single, consider putting your apps to rest. Meet people in real-life here.

If you're coupled, deepening on date night may be a sweet alternative to dinner and a movie. 

Stay connected. Lots of new experiences coming this Summer. All designed to help you achieve the most loving relationships possible. 

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The internet defines community: 

  • a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

And the definition of humanity reads: 

  • the human race, which includes everyone on Earth. 

Take that as true and you are part of an entity.

To be human is to be one. Complex and fascinating.

Waving a selenite stick, we declare oneness!

Gather with your brothers and sisters this week at social experiences so thoughtfully concepted and created, they're weaving family. 

Signup below. 


  • The Wave Silent Disco, 5:30-7:30pm
    Immerse in music, movement and meditation on the beach during sunset this Monday. Guided by Julia Grace, let go and witness flow while making a difference. Proceeds from The Wave benefit ALMA, a non-profit organization that addresses loneliness through creativity. MindTravel headsets provided and limited. Please register in advance. Venice Beach Pier. $22. > Register


  • MindTravel Live-to-Headphones Immersive Piano Experience, 7:00-9:00pm
    Join in community and be carried away as the sun sets over the Pacific with music by composer Murray Hidary. Experience mystical traditions and theoretical physics inspired by post-minimalist, improvisational and real-time compositions through piano and art installation. Upon arrival, you'll enter into headphones provided by MindTravel to begin a journey like no other. Known to sell out, make sure to get tickets asap. Santa Monica Beach. $22.85 with promo code DEEPEN. > Register


  • The O Experience, 10:00am-4:00pm
    Feedback testifying transformation from those who've attended The O Experience continue to pour in. Join Guide Oren Harris, and an epic line-up of surprise performers, for a mind-blowing, heart-expanding, MAGICAL AF experience! Combining self-help, art, music, and other forms of entertainment in a uniquely powerful way, come connect and expand to achieve what you desire most this lifetime. Pacific Palisades. $147. > Register

  • MindshareLA, 7:00pm-1:00am

    AI technologies are already helping humanity discover exoplanets, assisting doctors to detect disease with unparalleled speed and accuracy, and debating human opponents with unprecedented skill. While this is happening, AI is also making jobs irrelevant, creating ethical conundrums on the battlefield, and provoking questions about the very nature and value of work. Ready or not, the age of Artificial Intelligence is upon us.

    Join for an eclectic evening featuring talks by visionary pioneers exploring the world of AI and machine learning. Enjoy subject expert speaker, Gaia Dempsey, Ross Mead, and Todd Terrazas, plus a well-stocked bar, delicious food, delightful performances and marvelous magic for which MindshareLA is known. Santa Monica. $30. > Register

Forward this email to friends. Invite them to community. See all upcoming LA Experiences and connect at @wedeepen

See you soon!


Youth can not know how age thinks and feels.

But with age, you can become wise enough to live like you're young again. 

Scroll down to signup for playtime!

Scientists associate playfulness with positive behaviors that enhance survival and quality of life, including:

  • Creativity

  • Productivity

  • Flexibility

  • Optimism

  • Empathy

  • Social altruism

  • Cooperation

  • Problem solving

  • And an increased ability to manage stress.

Come have fun in community. Schedule playdates below :)

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Last week Deepen's vision was presented to a tech agency with whom we're exploring partnership.

Imagine Netflix for Live Experiences!

Consider this...

On Sunday evening Facebook was flooded with posts about Game of Thrones.

And the week prior, newsfeeds glowed with photos and videos tagged @UnleashMovement

Get the vision? Have a look at event series on social media and you'll see:

You can watch scripted shows AND you can also get out and create real-life stories.

Produced by the greatest facilitators in LA, register to adventure through series of unique experiences in community with interesting beings.

Join us. You're invited to deepen in connection.

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49 million Americans have tried online dating.

Half lie on their profiles. 

A third never meet anyone in-person. 

Hmmm... sounds problematic. Scroll down to see where to meet live.

Most of us didn't grow up observing healthy relationships. 

The topic of relationships is nearly neglected in educational curriculums. 

Oh dear, how do we achieve success in love even after it's found?!

Epiphany strikes. Aha! Deepen is born.

Referred to by some as the "future Classpass for Human Connection," experiences below connect you to self, new friends, and potential lovers.

Plus, if you're in relationship, bring your significant other and grow together. 

You're invited to gather in community. Bonds are strengthening. 

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According to a Marist poll, 73% of Americans believe in soulmates.

Whoa! Is that good for us?

(Scroll down for live experiences to ponder thought in community.)

Consider that life is only best understood backwards, how or will you know when you've met your person?

Will one of the hundreds of articles on Google confirm it?!

What if the the idea of finding "The One" is just an ongoing April fools joke?

Because the type of love most-admired, like the love Katie & Gay Hendricks represent, doesn't appear at the beginning of a relationship. 

True love is a reward. It's earned over time. Discovered. Worked for.

Long-lasting love is cultivated through a gradual process of ego elimination and ever-increasing acts of sharing. It's supported by community.

In an era of instant gratification, you gotta wonder if focusing on a one is actually limiting the very thing you want most. 

Hmm. Come connect and share insights as a collective here.


To be of service, I'm going to bravely share with you...

I dated a narcissist. 

The relationship was intense and short lived.

To the outside world this man is fun, playful, wealthy and handsome. 

With me, he went from prince charming to a spiritual Don Draper in less than a month's time. 

It was like riding a magic carpet into a thunder storm. 

I share this because:

  • Narcissism, although commonly used to define bad behavior, is a personality disorder. It develops in childhood and it's on the rise. Some calling it an epidemic. 

  • Trauma and confusion is experienced by those who have romantic relations with narcissists. Chances are you've suffered or friends have. 

F*ck!! What do we do?

First, familiarize yourself with the subject.  

Dr. Ramini, who's private practice is booked through July, is an expert on the topic. She's speaking at tomorrow's Talk Nerdy to Me. Registration has proved a pain point. There's space for only six more. Come!

Second, don't let the global epidemic of incivility pull you down.

Practice kindness and empathy even when others are not.

Choose friends and romances with care. Find community. 

Gather with us here... read the whole thing.


Find a partner who's good for your nervous system.

Be good for your partner's nervous system. 

Community is interchangeable with partner.

That messaged poured out last week. 

When numbed by toxic environments, alcohol and sh*ty foods, it can be hard to know who and what is good for you. 

However, when you sit with your feelings, letting thoughts progress, intuition develops. 

new portal is available to help accelerate clarity. Through novel experiences, you will begin to realize what types of stimulus - people, places, sounds, etc. - activate your highest-potential.

Come play, learn, dance, and cultivate relationships.

Join here in community.