49 million Americans have tried online dating.

Half lie on their profiles. 

A third never meet anyone in-person. 

Hmmm... sounds problematic. Scroll down to see where to meet live.

Most of us didn't grow up observing healthy relationships. 

The topic of relationships is nearly neglected in educational curriculums. 

Oh dear, how do we achieve success in love even after it's found?!

Epiphany strikes. Aha! Deepen is born.

Referred to by some as the "future Classpass for Human Connection," experiences below connect you to self, new friends, and potential lovers.

Plus, if you're in relationship, bring your significant other and grow together. 

You're invited to gather in community. Bonds are strengthening. 

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According to a Marist poll, 73% of Americans believe in soulmates.

Whoa! Is that good for us?

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Consider that life is only best understood backwards, how or will you know when you've met your person?

Will one of the hundreds of articles on Google confirm it?!

What if the the idea of finding "The One" is just an ongoing April fools joke?

Because the type of love most-admired, like the love Katie & Gay Hendricks represent, doesn't appear at the beginning of a relationship. 

True love is a reward. It's earned over time. Discovered. Worked for.

Long-lasting love is cultivated through a gradual process of ego elimination and ever-increasing acts of sharing. It's supported by community.

In an era of instant gratification, you gotta wonder if focusing on a one is actually limiting the very thing you want most. 

Hmm. Come connect and share insights as a collective here.


To be of service, I'm going to bravely share with you...

I dated a narcissist. 

The relationship was intense and short lived.

To the outside world this man is fun, playful, wealthy and handsome. 

With me, he went from prince charming to a spiritual Don Draper in less than a month's time. 

It was like riding a magic carpet into a thunder storm. 

I share this because:

  • Narcissism, although commonly used to define bad behavior, is a personality disorder. It develops in childhood and it's on the rise. Some calling it an epidemic. 

  • Trauma and confusion is experienced by those who have romantic relations with narcissists. Chances are you've suffered or friends have. 

F*ck!! What do we do?

First, familiarize yourself with the subject.  

Dr. Ramini, who's private practice is booked through July, is an expert on the topic. She's speaking at tomorrow's Talk Nerdy to Me. Registration has proved a pain point. There's space for only six more. Come!

Second, don't let the global epidemic of incivility pull you down.

Practice kindness and empathy even when others are not.

Choose friends and romances with care. Find community. 

Gather with us here... read the whole thing.


Find a partner who's good for your nervous system.

Be good for your partner's nervous system. 

Community is interchangeable with partner.

That messaged poured out last week. 

When numbed by toxic environments, alcohol and sh*ty foods, it can be hard to know who and what is good for you. 

However, when you sit with your feelings, letting thoughts progress, intuition develops. 

new portal is available to help accelerate clarity. Through novel experiences, you will begin to realize what types of stimulus - people, places, sounds, etc. - activate your highest-potential.

Come play, learn, dance, and cultivate relationships.

Join here in community.