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Monthly Series
Friday, 10/11

Guided by Aviva Mohilner

$33.00 access

Come as you are. Leave nourished.

HELD is a guided practice using human connection and nurturing touch to help open your heart, calm your mind, relax your body and feed your soul.

HELD is a place for you to relax and ground. To leave your worries and devices at the door. To be with others who embrace the value of human connection and healthy touch, and believe in its power to feed mind, body and spirit.

HELD is not a "cuddle party," couples event, or sensual/sexual workshop. (Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what we’re up to.) It is a guided experience with exercises in pairs, small groups, and as a collective that let you explore:

  • Eye contact and truly seeing one other

  • Listening with full presence and non-judgement

  • Oxytocin-releasing “HELD hugs”

  • Giving/receiving non-sexual touch 

  • Practicing communication and consent

  • Sharing experiences in a safe space

All comfort levels are welcome – whether you love this stuff or are a little nervous about it. We just ask for an open mind and willingness to stretch into potentially unfamiliar territory, all in a space committed to safety, communication and consent. 


Meet in Venice


Register in advance to receive address. We’ll be in Venice. Neighborhood parking available.

Doors open at 6:50pm. Please arrive by 7:15pm to support a comfortable, closed container.

Wear whatever you like – just think comfy. Please come free of perfumes, colognes or other strong scents, since people have different sensitivities.

Bring your beautiful self and an open mind/heart. You may want to bring a water bottle and socks (for extra coziness).

Please refrain from any drugs/alcohol/other mind-altering substances before or during the HELD experience. Everyone deserves to feel fully seen, heard and held.

Email hi@wedeepen.com or text 866-217-4268 if you need us.


Connect at @weareheld


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