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Honesty Labs


Quarterly Wknd Series
Friday-Sunday, 9/6-9/8
Los Angeles

Guided by John Rosania

$350.00 access

Guided by Trainer and CEO of Radical Honesty Enterprises, John Rosania, this intensive weekend experience will teach you the fundamentals of Radical Honesty in a safe, supportive environment. 

Practice telling the truth and hearing the truth, building real intimacy, and growing your confidence. 

Through direct sharing, you will quickly see where and how you are holding yourselves back from living the life you want.

You’ll learn how telling the truth can transform your life and your relationships.

This is a weekend social and growth-oriented experience. Plan to be together on Friday from 7:30pm-9:30pm, Saturday from 10:00am-7:00pm, and Sunday from 10:00am-4:00pm.


Come if you desire to:

  • Be completely and compassionately honest

  • Let go of shame, fear and attachment to approval

  • Relieve stress caused by constant thinking and worrying

  • Use anger and conflict creatively

  • Repair broken relationships

  • Get over past hurts and experience full-body forgiveness

  • Learn the art of asking for what you want

  • Deepen and enliven intimate relationships

  • Create deeper love, connection, and intimacy

  • Be fully yourself in a supportive environment

  • Get support in living out loud with new friends

*Friends and couples (or ex-couples) are encouraged to do the workshop together.


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