photo by  @libfestival  via  @gettiny

photo by @libfestival via @gettiny


Lighting In A Bottle
May 23-28th
Lake San Antonio, Central California

Guided by Your Love Accomplice, Christina Weber

What would be cooler than meeting new friends (and a potential mate!) at an extra-unordinary music festival?

Join us for a magical experience which began many years ago as a private birthday party! Because we are all meant to evolve in joy and connection!

This event beeds celebration!

We'll gather as a group and enjoy things together like:

  • Health and healing sessions
  • Cultural learnings
  • Food and wellness workshops at the Learning Kitchen
  • Exploring The Grand Artique
  • Participatory fun and shenanigans
  • Soap Box Derby to the Must-Dash 5K Run and everything in between
  • Sit-down dinners
  • Live Painting & artwalk 
  • Creative workshops and classes
  • Art installations
  • Iconic structures and stages including unique visual odyssey of creativity and imagination
  • Yoga, dance and meditation
  • And more...

Purchase ticket(s) and email confirmation to to link up with our plans!