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Red Tent
Wisdom Circle

Designed for Women
Monthly Series
Saturday, 7/20
Goddess Temple in Laurel Canyon

Guided by Greta Grace

$20.00 access

The Ancient Roots and Sacred Power of the Goddess
Special guests: Starr Goode and Reena Desai.

Researcher, writer, visionary, Starr Goode will be our special guest bringing us images of the Goddess that tell a story illuminating our sacred roots. She writes:

A new spirit stirs the consciousness of our times, the Return of the Goddess. Women are reclaiming their bodies as a source of primal creative energy. Words like vulva, vagina, and yoni are part of the zeitgeist of our culture—with all their potency to sanctify—not demonize—the female body. Women are reclaiming their power in the Me-Too movement, in the halls of Congress, and in this awareness of the sacredness of their femaleness.

It is time for women to know the immensity of their natural heritage. It is time to restore to women a history so often suppressed by patriarchal bias. It is time to know the uncountable representations of the sanctity of the female creative power around the world. It is time to embrace the values of the wisdom of the Goddess: community, cooperation, equality between the sexes and non-material values that connect us to the forces of life.

Additionally, we will be joined by Reena Desai, artist and teacher of the sacred arts, who will guide us on an embodied experience of reclaiming our sacred sexuality as a source of self-love.

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Guided by Greta Grace, the Red Tent LA

More About The Red Tent

The Red Tent is a gathering of women filled with ritual and storytelling in celebration of women’s mysteries. We meet rhythmically around the new moon, symbolizing the time when the feminine was honored, when women came to a menstrual hut to bleed and share personal stories and wisdom.

In the Red Tent, we celebrate our bodies, our rhythmic cycles, our ability to give birth, our tears, and our intuition. We celebrate our menstrual flow, the wisdom of menopause, the red thread through our matriarchal line, the ecstatic nature of our sex, and our divine uniqueness. We come together to celebrate our feminine power, the joy of our successes, our sacred vulnerability, our divine pleasure and our essential connection.

In April 2019, Red Tent Los Angeles launched the Red Tent Wisdom Circle. This is a platform which curates live and online programs in the areas of Intimacy, Vitality, and Self-sufficiency for the healing of ourselves, our sisterhood, and our world.


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