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Relationship Mastermind

Relationship Mastermind.png

Monthly Series
Sunday, 11/24
Mar Vista Private Residence

Guided by Christina Weber

$11.00 access

Relationships are complex and dynamic. Many times they are shrouded in secrecy, behind closed doors. 

Imagine a safe space where men & women come together to share wisdom and insights. To learn from each other’s stories and perspectives.

We'll help each other shortcut past the painful lessons to garner greater love and connection.

Come mastermind your love life.


Meet in Mar Vista


Address sent upon registration. Park in the neighborhood around the house. 

Please arrive on time by 6:00pm. We will not begin until everyone is present. 

It’s recommended to bring a journal, pen, cushion to sit and a water bottle.

Email hi@wedeepen.com or text 866-217-4268 if you need us.


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