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Shop & Shag

Every Monday
Erewhon Venice

Guided by you

RSVP & bring grocery money

Singles shop at Erewhon on Mondays between 10-11pm.

Go have a late dinner or pick up heathy treats.

Meet new people. Bring a wingmate. Text your friends this link to invite them too.

The code word is "Soup." Use it to start conversations.

Like: "Have you tried the soup?" 
Or: "What should I get to go with my soup?"

Be discerning. Practice your social skills. Connect with people in a way you may not have otherwise. 

Have fun and make sure to ask about the Soup. ;)

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Meet at Erewhon Venice


Go to Erewhon for Shop & Shag on Monday nights.

Carpool, uber, bike, scooter, run, walk or park & tip the valet.

Guide your own experience. Arrive solo. Bring friends. Wingmates are welcome.

Dress to introduce yourself. Shop and eat.

Email hi@wedeepen.com or text 866-217-4268 if you need us.


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