Become a member. Create community.

Become a member. Create community.

from 199.00 every month

Deepen offers an ongoing journey through social experiences designed to weave you into an evolving community.

Guided by leading psychologists, meditation teachers, astrologists, musicians, intimacy experts, relationship coaches, TED speakers, artists and entertainers, experiences promote personal growth and connection, in intimate and community-oriented environments.

Join kind-hearted and open-minded beings. Surrender to enjoyment. Discover new interests. Make best friends. Have epiphanies. Acquire mentors. Shift perspectives. Set new intentions. Develop your art. Practice expressing and listening. Learn the skills of loving. And most importantly, have fun!

Membership provides unlimited access to dozens of events each month that foster the development of meaningful relationships.

We invite you to dive in deep with us on this journey we get to take together.

* Heart of Gold Members receive 1-hour/month coaching by guide of your choice. You get to review plans for events and scheduling, and give input on things, and get some other cool perks at events and online.