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Inner Rhythms

Deep Body Meditation
Every Tuesday
Dance Alive Center: 1629 18th Street #7, Santa Monica

Guided by Mariane Karou

$18.00 access

Inner Rhythms is a powerful guided deep body meditation.

Through the practice you will deepen your trust in your Self and open up to your ability to give and receive love with greater ease.

Skillfully led by Mariane Karou, you will dive deep inside, awakening your true nature and intuition.

Mariane’s soothing and compassionate tone, will help to remind your body how to heal, move, regenerate and bring you into greater balance.

Accompanying music by Torkom Ji, a Master Sound Healer and Sonic Architect, harmonic frequencies tuned at 432 hz, a scientific pitch, creating profound effects on physiology, activating resonance and coherence within all your cells.

Come access the still empty space from which all life, movement and creativity emerges from. Harness the innate ability to let go of trauma or pain that you may be carrying in your body. Heal. Feel without reacting, creatively problem solve, expand your capacity to receive divine inspiration and joy.

By listening to your internal communication you will become more responsive to your entire body, opening up to all your resources and everything occurring to support you this lifetime.

Leave feeling nourished, fulfilled and deeply relaxed.


How does this experience create connection?

We deepen our relationships with others as we are able to deepen our relationship with ourselves. Expanding your awareness to open up to your senses increases your ability to receive love and relate authentically. You leave feeling deeply nourished and capable of a greater capacity to feel and trust yourself, love and be loved. ~ Mariane Karou


Meet at Dance Alive Center


Please register in advance. The address is Dance Alive Center
1629 18th St. Studio #7 Santa Monica, 90404.

To get the most out of your class, please arrive by 6:45pm to give yourself enough time to park, check in and be ready for class.

Mariane’s commitment is to start promptly at 7pm.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Most participants lay on the ground with cushions, blankets, and/or a covering for their eyes. We provide floor cushions for added comfort.

You will be emailed a 7-day replay of the class that you can listen to for an entire week!

Email hi@wedeepen.com or text 866-217-4268 if you need us.


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